Convert Your Store: Our Support

Retail Store Conversion: Choose Ace, the Customer’s Place.

At Ace, we work with you from interest to retirement. Our seasoned retail store conversion team will help you through the conversion process and our dedicated field experts will continue to support you in all of the years to come. Ace also has retail programs and training proven to add value to your business.

Retail Focus

  • Dedicated field team that support all retailers
  • Retail programs and training proven to add value to your business

Take your business to the next level with a retail focus- a level of lasting profitability and long-term security. Turn your business around with the help of a seasoned retail store conversion team you can count on. When you convert your retail hardware store to Ace Hardware, you’ll not only have a world class brand, you’ll benefit from successful and proven operating and training methods to differentiate your business from the competition.

Increase sales and efficiency using available Ace retail store conversion operating methods.

Our dedicated trained staff is available to help retail owners in a variety of different areas of the business depending on your needs. It typically starts with a consultation to identify your individual goals. Like starting your own business, a customized execution plan is developed based on programs and training most appropriate for you.

Here’s a glance at some of the training and support programs Ace offers:

20/20 Vision
20/20 Vision is Ace Hardware’s long term retail growth strategy, built behind proven key focus areas and retail investments, our retailers will have the tools to build a customizable, long-term retail growth plan based on their goals.

20/20 Strategy

Invest in the Brand, enrich the assortment, fulfill the helpful promise and be “The Supply Place”.

20/20 Objective

Higher top line, fatter botom line and a greater return.

20/20 Results

6 out of 7 years in a row of increased customer traffic
8 years in a row of net new store growth
10 years in a row of increased same-store sales and same-store gross profit
12 out of 13 years being ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” by J.D. Power

Retail Training
Retail Training is such an important part of a store’s success. Ace’s high-touch business model requires that our associates are the best trained and most knowledgeable folks in the industry
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The Supply Place
The Supply Place is Ace’s business to business brand. We have the tools and resources to assist you in increasing sales with your most valuable customers. B2B is the best way to maximize sales with the least amount of investment – get more sales per square foot and maximize your existing inventory investment.
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In-Store Pickup
In-Store Pickup allows consumers to check product availability at their neighborhood Ace on through any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) and complete a purchase and have it fulfilled by your store’s inventory within a three hour timeframe.
Our World-Class distribution
Our World-Class distribution channels give you the logistical power of a giant fulfillment network. With 14 Retail Support Centers, 6 Cross Docks, 2 Freight Forwarding Centers and 2 Import Re-Distribution Centers, Ace Hardware Corporation keeps you well inventoried and efficient.

It’s your business and we will always encourage you to do what’s best for you and your employees for long-term viability. With the training and support from Ace Hardware, you will build a secure future.