Conversion Stories: Gemmen’s Home & Hardware

Gemmen’s Home & Hardware

“Our decision to convert included a lengthy time of research and fact-finding. My wife and I price-checked items and researched product mix through Ace versus our current supplier. Time after time, Ace was the better choice. Not only for our business but also for our customers. The main reason we converted was Ace’s ability to both make and keep us relevant as the world around us changes. From where we stand now and as we look to the future, we are confident in our decision. Ace’s conversion and reset teams were partners from the first day we joined paths. Every question was received and then answered with integrity and patience. Every agreement and promise made were kept. Post conversion, we continue to see the Ace systems work in our favor and for our customers. Our organization’s individual responsibility to serve each customer has not changed, but we are able to focus on this even more due to the programs and services now available to us as part of the very recognizable helpful brand of Ace.”

-Andrew Gemmen, Owner

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